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Turning Stone Casino offers countless table games and a huge poker room for the guest's pleasure. If you are playing any of these games, then you are entitled to be comped for the time (and money) you spend at the table. The amazing thing about it is that you don't have to bet like a high-roller to get treated like one; freebies like food comps, hotel stays and even show tickets could all be yours just for playing at the casino.

Read on to learn how. If your anything like me, you have spend countless hours in the poker room or on your favorite blackjack and roulette tables and never seen a comp thrown your way. I played this way for years before discovering just how easy it is to get the VIP treatment for doing the same thing I had done for years while frequenting the casino. It's all comes down to what the "pit-bosses" see while observing your table.

As soon as you arrive at Turning Stone Casino (or any other for that matter) and sit down at a table give the dealer your casino card. At turning Stone Casino this card is known as the diamond card; other casinos will use a different name but they all work in the same basic manner. The casinos use these cards to track your play and compensate you accordingly. Once the dealer has your card, they will pass it along to the pit boss who will write down your card number and seat position.

After this, http://slotoff.com/ the pit boss will observe your table from time to time and note how much you are playing so that adequate comps can be offered to you. Players receive the best comps when the pit bosses see that you are betting a descent amount of money at the table; the more you bet, the faster the comp grows and the better it gets. Dealers have nothing to do with comps and do not discuss a person's play with the pit bosses; because of this, pit bosses write down what they see and judge your comp accordingly.

If a pit boss sees that you are betting a dollar each time than you will earn comps much slower than if you are betting $10, $20, or $50 each time they are looking in your direction. So what does this mean for you? It means that you can rack up the comps at an alarming rate while making minimal bets. When playing at the Turning Stone Casino, I will sit at a table with around $200 in starting chips in front of me and I rarely make a dent in my stack while earning comps.

Once the pit boss takes your card and marks down the time you were seated you can begin working on earning amazing comps. Begin by letting the pit boss see you make a wager of about $10 or so, this will be the first mark made by information and will be a good start to earning a better comp. A pit boss has several tables and many more players to watch at one time so they generally will only be looking in your direction about four or five times an hour.

The beautiful thing is that you can bet just a dollar or two in most of your hands and get comped like you have been betting $10 or more the whole time providing that you increase your bets while the pit bosses are looking in your direction. Each time they look in your direction, they will make a note of your average wager so that when you get up to leave they can give you the best comp available based on your play. If they see that you were sitting at a table for two hours and betting an average of $10, then you will receive a far better comp than the guy next to you who was only seen betting a dollar at a time.

In the last year, I have received comps ranging from a free buffet for two and free hotel stays to free golf and spa packages. My personal best while earning comps happened back in June of 2011, my fiancé and I received a night at the Turning Stone Lodge and another in the tower hotel during back to back nights. We also had nearly all of our meals comped and I even got a 45 minute spa package comped for my fiancé as well. Next time you are at the Turning Stone Casino, sit down at your favorite table games, give the dealer your comp card, and increase your bets while the pit boss is taking notes on your table.

Play your cards right, and you will be able to ask for the comp of your choice when you get up from the table for the night. Using this method has allowed my friends and me to stay at the casino just about any time we choose for free.

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