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Like many Crescent Card members of The Snoqualmie Casino my husband and I have enough 'slot play' to get coupons sent to use on a monthly basis. An Exclusive invitation just for you (and Slotoff.com (http://slotoff.com) hundreds of others) There are the coupons that I redeem at the Main Casino Cage for cash and there is the brochure that is marked "An exclusive Invitation just for you" where it says that if I come in on a certain date,I'll be eligible to pick from a drum full of envelopes for cash amounts up to $10.000.

With Grab a Grand" brochure, I'm guaranteed a certain amount. (And the guaranteed amount is shown on the trifold.) In other words, there is no way that I'll get nothing in my pick. I like those casino odds. Even if I pick the minimum amount, I'll have the price of the gas for the casino. That's better odds than you have playing a slot machine. On occasions, I've grabbed an envelope with $l00.00 in it, and another for $50.00. Why do I look forward to the "Grab a Grand" nights?

To begin with I'm visiting a casino with a beautiful natural location. Unlike the 'other' casino where the view is of a pawn shop one one side, and a vacant lot (unless it's the Fourth of July) on the other side. Driving to Snoqualmie Casino I get a spectacular view of the Snoqualmie Valley and Mount Si. Once inside the casino and while queuing up for the Grab a Grand event, I have a lot of things to take my mind off the wait.

I look around the casino and see that the most striking feature are the massive crossbeams that appear to be solid wood (but in fact are steel trusses covered in wallboard and wood-grained wall covering) but they look real enough to me and are in a non-combustible design. My favorite feature is the big fountain above the playing floor. The fountain has water cascading down its side, and turns different colors.

It's quite fascinating to watch, unless you're a people watcher and like to check out your fellow gamblers losing (or winning) money. When I got to where the Grab a Grand was held, I see a woman dressed in a red dress and stiletto shoes ready to assist me. The 'greeter' is pretty enough to be a model in her red cocktail dress, stiletto heels and blond hair. She greets me warmly and directs me to four employees who are giving out the ticket that I need for the second line, (with more pretty women in red dresses) that leads to the picking barrel.

(The line moves fast, however; I've never been an a line over fifteen minutes long) The long and short of it is that Grabbing a Grand is a staged event'. There is a 'dressed up' party atmosphere going on, and I was made to feel that my presence was welcome and that my patronage appreciated. Or to put it another way: We're really glad you chose to blow your paycheck at Snoqualmie Casino.) On my first Grab a Grand, the woman giving me my ticket wished me luck. I asked her if she had any advice for me on how to select a winning envelope.

Should I pick from the top, or scrape the bottom of the barrel? She leaned over and said (in a conspiratorial voice) "Pick the blue envelope." Thank you! I said. Boy, I didn't think the employees were allowed to give out inside information. When I got up to the drum I saw that all the envelopes were blue! I'm sure it's to Snoqualmie Casino advantage (they're not giving away anything that they won't get back!) to have promotions.

But it is nice that they go the 'extra mile' and make it a fun thing to do. For my way of thinking it beats the hell out of going to the 'other' casino to pick up my 'free gift', standing in a long line with nothing to look at but other gamblers (who all seem to be frowning) and once I get to the end of the line, I'm handed a gift that would be overpriced at a dollar store. And unless I can magically transform the collapsible netted storage containers into petrol for my Mazda, gambling at any other casino than Snoqualmie is a bust.

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